Saturday, 7 January 2012

Galaxy/nebula/space/cosmic nails tutorial

Whatever you call them, you can't deny that Galaxy nails are pretty cool. The best thing about them is that every design is unique and anyone can come up with something beautiful.

After watching loads of YouTube videos and seeing Tumblr, weheartit and blog posts with galaxy nails I had a go myself. The links to my favourite galaxy nails are at the end of this post.
I've split this tutorial up into six steps and tried to keep it as simple as possible. Open an image in a new tab if you want to see a larger version!

You will need:
Nails (obviously) - I used these nails from this eBay seller (note: I think they're good for practicing nail art but aren't that comfortable to wear and take a lot of shaping)
A base coat
Polishes in black, white, navy blue, purple, red, yellow and any other space-esque colours you'd like to use
A chunky glitter polish
A holographic topcoat - see this post
A clear topcoat
A makeup sponge or a sponge eyeshadow applicator - I got mine in a bag of about 20 from poundland
A nail art brush or small paintbrush - I got mine from this eBay seller

Step 1: Prepare your nails. Clean and shape them, and use a base coat to avoid staining.

Step 2: Paint your nails with the black polish. I used two coats of OPI Lady In Black to ensure full coverage.

Step 3: Drop out a blob of your white polish. I did mine onto some sellotape so it wouldn't go straight through the paper and on to my desk. You could use the back of a magazine. Pick up a small amount of the white polish using your sponge and dab off any excess. It's better to build up slowly than to splodge on too much! Lightly sponge the design you want for your galaxy onto your nails.
Step 4: Sponge over the white with the navy, purple, red and yellow polishes. If you go wrong just sponge over with some white or black. I used mostly navy and purple with only a small amount of red and yellow in my design.
See this highly professional video for help on sponging (hey auto focus!):

 These are the colours I used for step 4. L-R: Models Own Snow White, Barry M Navy 292, Models Own True Blue, OPI Funky Dunkey, Revlon 680 Revlon Red, Models Own Lemon Meringue.

Step 5: Use a small brush to apply a chunky glitter polish across the galaxy part of the design (i.e. not the black background). I used Maybelline 246 Icy Mauve.

Step 6: Add your stars! Apply a holographic topcoat over the whole nail - I used INM Out The Door Northern Lights Silver Holographic Top Coat. Use a clear topcoat to seal the design - I used Seche Vite. Sit back and admire your design!

 If you created your design on false nails you will need to either glue them on or use something like these Ultra Tabs from Nailene. I prefer using the tabs as they don't damage your natural nails at all! They're easy to use (as long as you're not in a rush) and easy to remove when you have had enough. They're not as strong as glue but are still a good option and cannot leak in your bag! A variety of sizes is included although I wish Nailene would release a 'petite' version of these for my teeny child-sized hands.
The Nailene tabs are available from Boots at £2.49 for a pack of 24.

My favourite galaxy nails: cutepolish @ YouTube, xolildancerx3 @ weheartit, Claris Ribeiro, Samii Ryan
Some blogger galaxy nails: BBB, Kelly, Zoey, Cris, Victoria, Lily, Heather

Have you tried galaxy nails? Link me! Thanks for reading!

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