Sunday, 29 January 2012

Topshop Metallic NOTD - Crystal Clouds and Hyperreal

Topshop were recently doing 20% student discount and since this hardly ever happens I grabbed my boyfriends NUS card and managed to pick up a few things I had my eye on. Topshop were also offering free delivery over £75, and since I despise paying for delivery I ended up adding two nail polishes to my basket to bring the total up.

 L-R: Topshop Metallic Nails in 101 Hyperreal, Topshop Metallic Nails in 102 Crystal Clouds

 Hyperreal is a copper/rose gold foil polish with tiny silver flecks that is kind of an inverted version of OPI 'Designer De Better' from the Muppets collection (see here).
Crystal Clouds is a champagne foil polish that shimmers beautifully.

I applied three thin coats of each polish to ensure full coverage - there were some bald patches at two coats but they were fine at three coats. The polish was very easy to apply and dried quickly. The only problem I had was that one of the nail polish brushes had a stray strand but I fixed this by snipping it off.

No flash, natural light: Crystal Clouds with Hyperreal on ring finger

 Flash: Crystal Clouds with Hyperreal on ring finger

I then decided to use my nail dotting tools to create an inverted polka dot effect. I'm not sure I'm totally happy with the results, I think that since it was my first time trying the dotting tools I didn't get the pressure exactly right each time, and also I don't think foil polishes are the best type to use - Crystal Clouds didn't contrast amazingly well with Crystal Clouds as they both contain silver shimmers.
Topshop Hyperreal and Crystal Clouds polka dot nails

I sealed the design with OPI's RapiDry topcoat. I haven't tried this before but I got a mini bottle in a set and wanted to start trying other topcoats. I usually use Seche Vite and although it's amazing for drying your polish quickly the manicure rarely lasts more than two days due to shrinkage and peeling of the polish.
It's hard to say how good OPI RapiDry is as the Topshop polish dried quickly by itself and was already very shiny. I will report back on chipping and shrinkage and will be trying it with some creme finish polishes!

Topshop Metallic nail polishes are £6 each for 8ml. Hyperreal is here and Crystal Clouds is here. Topshop also do a set of 3 of their metallic polishes for £12. I assume they're full size, if they definitely are then I think that's great value and I would recommend checking them out!
The full size OPI RapiDry topcoat can be bought for about £7.30 including shipping from the US from this eBay seller. It is also available from Boots for £13.25.

Thanks for reading!
P.S. Sorry about the two nail posts in a row, I have had a really busy weekend but still wanted to blog :)