Friday, 17 February 2012

Lana Del Rey

There's been a lot of controversy around Lana Del Rey. The 25 year old New Yorker's image, voice and UK Vogue cover have led to full on conspiracy theories as to whether she's a creation dreamt up by record company executives.
Lana Del Rey for Vogue UK March 2012
Whatever the truth, she's doing something right, her album has been at number one in the UK since it was released two weeks ago, and fashion labels are booking her to play their shows left, right and centre (she played Dior's SS12 show in Beijing, Mulberry's pool party at Ch√Ęteau Marmont and 'Video Games' was the soundtrack to Christopher Kane's LFW show in September).

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I personally love Lana, there's something about her that feels so familiar, yet she's totally different from anyone else on the music scene right now. She fits perfectly into an Americana, vintage starlet niche that I didn't even know was there. Her music and image is a kind of modern nostalgia (yes, that's a total oxymoron) and she describes herself as a 'gangster Nancy Sinatra'.

Nancy vs Lana
Lana Del Rey for Interview magazine
Lana Del Rey for NME
I think a lot of the intrigue around Lana stems from the fact that she is often very reserved and perhaps deliberately vague in interviews, although I've seen a few pictures of her meeting fans and she seems to be nice in real life.

I absolutely love her hair, makeup and style, and although I couldn't fully pull off Lana's look (I love a bit of nail art but I couldn't cope with stiletto nails in reality) I don't think there's anything wrong with bringing a little of her retro glamour into my own look. Her soft Hollywood waves can be easily achieved with a pair of ghd's and winged eyeliner can really bring a look together when done well.

Lana Del Rey for Spex magazine

Lana Del Rey for T magazine

My favourite tracks from her new album are 'Born to Die', 'Video Games', 'Blue Jeans' and 'Diet Mountain Dew'. Not all of the tracks have grown on me yet but I did only buy it three days ago!

What's your opinion on Lana? Or should I say Lizzy...?