Sunday, 29 April 2012

How I apply false lashes!

I was chatting with my friends recently about false lashes. I thought it was really interesting that we all had different styles of applying them - some of us applied them before makeup, some of us applied them after makeup, and some of us found them too difficult to use (hi Amy!).

I thought I'd blog about my method - I suppose this is kind of a 'how to apply false lashes' guide, but also, don't be afraid to experiment to find the method that works for you too!

I always use Duo glue (£10 from Debenhams, or ~£6.14 from US eBay) rather than the glue that comes with the lashes. Duo is a professional grade product that is really easy to use - it holds your lashes on really well, can also be used to apply glitter or crystals to the skin, and doesn't pull your lashes out when you remove your falsies at the end of the night! I bought this tube over a year ago and it's still going strong - definitely a worthwhile investment!
Step 1 - You will need - your lashes, a pair of tweezers, duo glue, a cotton bud/Q-tip, a cotton pad, and some scissors (I forgot to photograph these!).
Some styles of lashes are easier to use than others - for example if the band is thick you may find them more difficult to apply. Practice makes perfect! I first tried the Eye Candy lashes (£3.50 from Bodycare) but I didn't like the length - they were way too long for my eyes so I removed them and applied the Shu Uemura ones instead (£15.50 from Space NK - I don't recommend shopping online at Space NK, every time I've ordered lashes they've sent the wrong ones!).
I would recommend the Eye Candy 009 lashes instead of the 001 lashes - I blogged about the 009s here.

Step 2 - Apply your eye makeup and one coat of a decent separating mascara. Black eyeliner on the top lid will help to disguise the lash band - you can apply a really thin line or a thicker one, it's up to you! I apply my lashes after makeup because adding powder eyeshadow could result in fall out on top of the lashes which can make them look less black.

Step 3 - Cut the lashes to suit the shape of your eye. Always make sure you trim from the outer edge (i.e. the longest side). At this point you should also flex the band by holding each end and gently rolling it back and forth a few times - this helps straighter bands to fit to the shape of your eye.

Step 4 - Squeeze out a small blob of the duo glue on to the cotton pad. Pick up the lashes with the tweezers.

Step 5 - Use the cotton bud to pick up some glue, and run it along the band. You don't need a lot, just make sure a thin layer is covering the band and that the ends in particular have a blob to make sure they don't come loose. Remember that the duo glue dries clear, so don't worry if you accidentally do apply too much. If I do that I usually use the other end of the cotton bud to remove the excess glue!
Wait about 15-20 seconds for the glue to dry slightly - if you apply too soon you can end up with glue everywhere - possibly ruining your makeup!

Step 6 - Pick up the lashes with the tweezers and gently place them as close to the lash line as possible. I usually start at the outer corner, then I use the tweezers to place the inner corner. I then turn the tweezers around and I use the end to gently push the band as close to my lash line as possible.
You usually have about 1-2 minutes to mess around with the placement of the lashes before the glue starts to adhere. I open my eyes and make sure the false lashes aren't on an odd angle at this point. The glue will take about 5-10 minutes to dry fully.

Step 7 - Note: this is where I remove the Eye Candy lashes and swapped for the Shu Uemura ones! These are really easy to apply and I literally stuck them on in about 30 seconds! Two 'bunches' on each eye added natural volume to the corners of my eyes.
For this step I apply one coat of mascara to 'blend' the false lashes with my own. If you miss this part out it can sometimes look like you have two layers of lashes - not a good look! If you need to, you can add some more liquid eyeliner to disguise the false lash band, and you're done!

If you weren't sure about false lashes before, I really hope this guide has helped you, or if you're a pro perhaps you picked up a new tip? Let me know what you think about false lashes in the comments!

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