Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Top 5 Dry Shampoos

Dry Shampoo is a necessary evil for me. I prefer to wash my hair daily if possible, and I don't really like the powdery feeling that dry shampoo gives my hair. However, this can be tolerated in exchange for that all important extra snooze time when I've got an early start! I've tried a few out and here are my thoughts on each:

Batiste Dark & Deep Brown Dry Shampoo 200ml (£3.99 at Boots and Superdrug)
Dry shampoo can sometimes leave a grey cast on brunette locks, so I often opt for a tinted one which blends in a bit better if you're in a rush! Batiste is probably the High Street's most popular dry shampoo brand, and with good reason! It sprays out evenly, absorbs excess oil brilliantly and really peps up day old hair. One problem is that the brunette tint actually transfers onto your hands if you touch your hair and the pigment can get up your nose a bit (!), but considering it actually helps to cover my roots I'll let that slide!

Superdrug Chocolate Brownie Dry Shampoo 150ml (£2.99 at Superdrug)
Another tinted number, this one adds a lovely gloss to my hair but still manages to make it look fresh and clean. The colour is much richer than the Batiste version, as well as giving more hold but the scent is a bit too sweet. It's often on offer so it's a good budget option though! Again, with this one the pigment transfers so I tend to only use it on the top layers of my hair!

VO5 Plump Me Up Dry Shampoo 200ml (£3.59 at Boots and Superdrug)
First of all, I love the packaging! This dry shampoo has a fruity scent and adds a bit of body, plus light hold and texture to flat, greasy roots. It actually sprays out clear but dries white, but after a bit of ruffling and brushing through it's all gone, leaving my hair refreshed.

THIS ONE Volumising Dry Shampoo 150ml (£2.99 at Superdrug)
A more hardcore version of the VO5 Dry Shampoo, this is like a Dry Shampoo and a texture dust in one! It adds plenty of volume to my roots and is the perfect pick-me-up for flat second day hair. If you're a big fan of backcombing, then I'd recommend picking up a can of this as it'd be great for adding some oomph to clean hair too!

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk 150ml (£7.50 at Escentual)
This French Pharmacy favourite is extra gentle so it's suitable for sensitive scalps usually irritated by dry shampoo. I spritz it through my roots, ruffle then brush through to find excess oil is absorbed and my hair looks fresh with a bit of extra volume. A word of warning though - spray lightly from a distance and keep the can moving as the nozzle is a bit excitable and it's easy to end up with white patches - apparently Kirsten Dunst's hair stylist went through cans of the stuff whilst filming Marie Antoinette!

Do you use dry shampoo? Which is your favourite brand?


  1. I WISH the bastiste xxl volume dry shampoo came tinted. I love the volume but hate the grey : 0 Good reviews xx

  2. Bastiste is by far the best dry shampoo! haha
    one day, some company will make a better one and the beauty blogging community will go into melt-down! :P
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